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Olatunji  Jul 1, 2020
Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and wife, Edith, have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa And Wife Test Positive For COVID-19

The governor announced this on social media today July 1. This comes barely a week after one of their daughters tested positive for the virus.

”My wife and I have tested positive for COVID-19. We are well and continuing with our isolation/medication. We thank you all for your continued prayers for us and our daughter.” he wrote

Delta state currently has 965 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

New Month Messages For Friends

New Month for Friends

Having good and powerful friends around is actually what will keep you going, try to make them feel special today:

✺ No greeting cards to give, no sweet flowers to send, no bags of rice to forward but a loving and caring heart wishing you a happy new month. This month, you will succeed whee others suck seeds.

✺ My dear! This month, You will be too loaded to be stranded. You will experience smooth acceleration even in the midst of recession. You will overtake and take over all your possessions.

✺. Just as the ocean is made of billions of drops, our life consists of minutes, hours, days and months. Sometimes every single thing is necessary. Don’t neglect your time and have an incredible month!

✺ Just keep saying AMEN; + Surprises +Elevation +Peace +Favour +Wealth +Success +Longlife +Joy +Promotion +Protection All & more shall be yours In Jesus Name Happy New Month.

✺ Every Egyptian you saw in the past month, you will see no more For God shall Fight for you and you shall hold your peace, all your expectations from Jan 2 Date shall he fulfil In Jesus Name. Happy New Month.

✺ Unending favor, Unstoppable promotion, Divine breakthrough, Successes in all your endeavor is my wishes for you this New month.

✺ Hey Buddies, this is the opening day of the new month. And it promises to be a new beginning for you. Take a lengthy breath and begin to move towards your purpose. I wish all good fortune. Happy New Month!

✺ As we cross over 2 a new month, May God’s power connect and Place U on ladders of Testimonies. Happy New Month!

✺ Before the end of first 7 days of this month,
Your Family will say we are Proud Of U,
Your Friends will say we are happy 4 U,
Your neighbours will say, Wish I were U and Those who call themselves Enemy will say U have a living GOD. Happy new month to You!

✺ “The subject of a new month is not that we should have a new month. It is that we should have a new soul” G. K. Chesterton. Happy New Month to You.

✺ __/””””””\___
This car is loaded wit JANUARY gifts such as
Blessings, favour, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Success and Good health. Happy New Month..
Month of Uncommon Speed.

✺ Forget the last and welcome new month with whole your heart. May you have sunny days and calm nights ahead. Happy New Month.
New month – New experiences.
New day – new opportunities
make them count,
because you may not get another chance!

✺ I wish that this upcoming month brings you much joy, love and inspirational moments in your life!
Happy new month to every single soul on my friend’s list, family member and well wishers, you shall find success in your life today.

✺ Your life will continue to shine with light and sunshine. I just want to say a very big happy new month.

✺ Wishing everybody an awesome day ahead as we enter into a new month with lots of love and success.

New Month Prayers

New Month Prayers

Praying for your beloved ones is absolutely okay, trying to get them along is the best but sending new month prayer SMS or messages is actually the real deal!

✺ This month shall favor everyone as we raise our hands up for the blessing of the Lord. Happy new month to you all.

✺ I just want to quickly say happy new month; may you find whatever your heart desires achievable gradually.

✺ Wishing you the most beautiful things in this new month as you aspire for the hope of God. May you be loved by everyone!

✺ May the blessing of the Lord be blended with your success in life; I just want to make sure I say happy new month.

✺ Lots of success comes when we less expected them. I pray that your success will locate you this month suddenly.

✺ Wishing you a fantastic new month that will come with the remedy to your past pain. I ask the Lord to honor you beyond imagination.

✺ May the success that has no bound locate you this new month to fulfill your entire heart desires. Happy new month.

✺ Happy new month to all my good friends, I appreciate you for the entire support that you rendered to me.

✺ Wishing you all the best on this earth as we make it to this new month. Remain blessed now and for the rest of your life.

✺ In this beautiful new month, I am praying for lots of success in your life; may you find peace and success.

✺ Wishing all my friends a wonderful new month. I am wishing you all the best in everything you are doing on this new month.

✺ No matter what happens this new month, may the Lord remember you among the most blessed people ever!

✺ I am wishing you the most beautiful things ever on earth as we celebrate the hope of a new month.

✺ May you rise above every problem that sticks to your destiny; I just want to say happy new month my friend.

✺ You are my best friend and I love to hear that from friends. Less I forget, may this new month bring love into your home!

✺ May the Lord bless you with endless joy on this special month; as you look up to your daily need, I pray that your hands should reach them.

✺ I just want to wish every one of you a beautiful, cute and awesome new month. Enjoy yourselves to the end.

✺ My prayer is to see every happy this new month. May your days be crowned with lots of success and prosperity!

✺ Giving thanks to the Almighty God who spared our lives up till this moment as we celebrate the new month success.

✺ We pray that this new month brings lots of success into your world, and make you one of the happiest people.

New Month

Good morning lovers, we have all crossed over to the new month and it seems you are happy, but have you ever thought about your friends, loved ones, wife, husband, son, daughter, boyfriend, dad, mother, fiance, fiancee, girlfriend, and other special people, persons and personnel in your life?

They might not be happy as you are, they might be undergoing some serious heart troubles. It is your duty as the man, woman, children to wish them the best among the best! It is you duty to impress them, with some new month messages, or greetings card.

Money might not be enough to appreciate what they are actually passing through, but with love, kindness, soft spoken words and many others, they will feel wanted, special and loved by someone out there in the wild, and who is that? Oh yes, YOU! Lets get started:

New Month Wishes and SMS

Below lists contains some amazing new month wishes for everyone, and everybody. Lets get started with the best new month wishes:

✺ A new month is coming to take back all the negativity from this month and shower you with all the positivity in this world to make you your life even more wonderful.

✺ Wishing you a colorful new month with lots of achievement and promises fulfilled. You never know what tomorrows have in store for you!

✺ Carry on with all the positivity you have in you as a new month is coming to sweep you away to the land of happiness and joys.

✺ Do you know what a new month represents for you? You are getting older and wiser and more mature with every month added to your life.

✺ I smell the change in the air already. I can see the colors replacing the black and white memories of the past. Be sure my friend, the new month is bringing the best for you.

✺ If you haven’t yet found what you asked for, don’t worry, another month is coming to your life to make sure your unfulfilled wishes are fulfilled.

✺ A new month is waiting on your door to embrace you with the warmth of love and the colors of a rainbow to decorate your life with all the best in this world.

✺ A new month isn’t just an occasion to celebrate. It’s a package where all the equipment to fulfill the dreams is assembled. So grab it and make the best use of it

✺ God cure all your wounds.

✺ Happy new month Ma. May God cure all your wounds and take you out of all your problems. Remain blessed and have a good new month.

✺ Most blessed and happy months.

✺ May this new month be one of the most blessed and happy months for you! happy new month bro.
As the sun shines.
As the sun shines and it is Visible for all to see so shall the Glory of God be in your Life always. Happy New Month dad.
Time never stops for someone.
Time never stops for someone, it flies. But my love for you will remain there, it will never fly or die. Have a lovely month ahead.
Joy will Complete.

✺ In this new month , Your Joy will be complete ,Victory Songs will not cease from your Mouth and Each New Day will bring you closer to the Fullness of your Destiny.

Breaking news

BREAKING: FG Lifts Ban on Interstate Movement in Nigeria
Olatunji Jun 29, 2020 Read original
President Buhari

The Federal Government on Monday lifted ban on interstate movement effective from July 1, 2020.

Secretary to the Government of the Federation and chairman Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, disclosed this during the daily media briefing.

National coordinator of PTF, Dr. Sani Aliyu also added that only fifty per cent of the passengers of the buses are allowed during travels.

“Only 50% of the passengers are allowed with compulsory use of face mask,” he said.

The PTF, however, reaffirmed the continuation of the nationwide curfew between 10 pm and 4 am adding that “travels are not expected at this period.”


A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion. The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.

And a wise man will makes his own decisions, but an ignorant man follows the public opinion.
-Azeez Lateef Olatunji

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